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Mornings in Mantra

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

Today the participants of my latest workshop completed the 4th weekend of Meeting in Mantra, a course where we explored 3 + 1 sacred mantras. At this closing ceremony we practiced each one, chanting together in unison, maybe some harmony. During it I felt a strong calling to continue this work with this group and any others, whomever is also feeling called. There’s something within me, within my heart, maybe within my history, that loves connecting with people, with their emotional, healing and spiritual journeys. I love when our hearts open and connect with one another’s.

So, beginning on Wednesday, March 2, on the opening of the new moon portal, we will be meeting in mantra each morning for 40 days. For 40 days we’ll dive deep into the Gayatri mantra, opening our computers at 5:45 am EST to zoom out with one another, in savred sound, for 30 minutes maximum. We will start by tuning into our breath and bellies and then sit to chant for an 11-minute minimum. Afterward, each participant will have the option to continue chanting or join in the guided meditation, where we will bask in the glow of our own sound vibrations.

I didn’t really ever see myself as being an early riser after my babies were through with breastfeeding…or, if I did it would be to go for a run or a hot yoga class…something I would do my body, perhaps. But now I find myself eager to rise just to get to know myself deeper, to tune into my spirit, my soul, my connection to source energy.

Chanting mantra leaves me feeling spacious, patient, open, resilient and ready for the day ahead. It grounds me and surrounds me with grace in a way that nothing else has. I find myself fighting with my teenager if I miss a day, or looking for sugar to fill the void or soothe my energy. If I can recognize my patterns, I notice that my morning sadhana (a daily spiritual practice), prepares me for this life; for the turmoil, the heartache, the surprising highs and sudden changes. And right now, I feel the world, our consciousness as a collective, could truly use some preparation. We are involved in an incredibly important time, one that demands our full attention and resonance in peace. Please feel free to join us. All are welcome.

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