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Updated: Oct 7, 2021

A local mama paused with me the other day outside of the schoolyard to remark on how “different” I look. (She hadn’t seen me for a few years). I knew she wasn’t talking about the gloss on my hair…it’s me.

…I’m different.

I’m cherishing life differently.

An integral part of this personal transformation has come from my morning practice. It’s short + sweet (…that’s why I often refer to it as “3 F*<king Minutes”). It’s a dip into the calm waters of the world, while most of the neighbouring humans still sleep around me. I imagine my energy body creating a ripple that goes on to bob about in the collective. It is the time I invest in my heart, my breath, my center. And, because it happens as soon as I rise out of my bed, it sets the tone for my day + reminds me of the me within me that I can recognize + find again when things start moving too quickly.

I want to help bring this steady, spiritual, supportive personal practice (Sadhana, in Sanskrit) into your world + homes too. I want us to turn ripples into waves.

So many of you, my friends, my yoga students, my neighbours, have been sharing that you’ve been desiring / needing an anchor, a stable + sustainable start to your day, something to help you rise with joy + readiness… so, I’m inviting you to please join me.

This is a unique offering, as it’s the first of it’s kind for me. It’s a big commitment. I’ve decided that because of this I will be honouring the initial group that decides to join me, with a gift, at the end of our 40 days together. All you’ll need to do is show up consistently (even if it’s with the recordings, not live), create this helpful routine in your day + send me your mailing address, so that on November 19 (the full moon + the 40th day) you will have your treasure with you to remind you of this practice + the deep rewards that come with it. Truly, this practice IS the gift…but who doesn’t love a special symbol of appreciation?

And, though this invitation was conceived in my heart before, I’m throwing it out to you now, without much time to consider it + create a myriad of excuses why it’s not the right time.

Sometimes the best shifts come along when we don’t overthink it + just start! Don’t think. Just do.

You can register here

or from my home page

in the “Upcoming Events” window.

We begin our 40-Day Gift: A Daily Sadhana THIS Monday, on October 11 + we’ll go steady together, each morning, until November 19.

I’ll be offering 2 LIVE guided practices (short + sweet: 20 minutes-ish) at 6 am (eastern) as well as again at 9 am (eastern). Hopefully, my friends reading this out West, in the pacific time zone, will join me at 6 am from there! (Which is 9am over in the corner of the planet I’m currently occupying). Maybe my Aussie crew will join for an evening Sadhana, at 5 or 8pm, depending on their exact locations. But, don’t fret if you can’t make it live…everyone will have access to the daily recordings to follow along to at the time of day that works best for you.

I’m different, looking different, acting differently TODAY because I’ve been showing up for myself each new day consistently for over 1 year now.

I want that for you too…I want that for all of us, as a whole; the collective consciousness.

Are you in? It’s 15-20 minutes of your morning (or night in Oz), when you’d either likely be sleeping or scrolling… and it comes to the price of 1 cheap, black coffee per day.

Say YES to this life!

Say YES to the incomparable rewards this will offer.

✨scholarships available✨

Please contact me if you’re in need

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