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I would like to take a moment to appreciate ALL of our listeners, WORLDWIDE!!! When Tula Jane and I check the analytics for our podcast, we can see almost every flag and country represented in our listeners. The feeling this provides is incredible; to know that our voices and hearts are heard in so many homes around the planet is inspiring. We LOVE receiving your feedback and personal notes.

Thank you SO much!

As you may have noticed, I refuse to place ads within the stories, as I believe most children are likely bombarded enough by media and powerful commercial influence daily. This is why I have set up the Request + Dedication option, where listeners can make a suggested donation toward hearing a specific book dedicated to specific children. This allows us to continue creating this type of content and work on this particular project with what feels like an adequate exchange. With over 3.3 MILLION listens, Spotify would be happy to pay us for advertising, but it's something that would dilute the quality and care we put into providing these readings.

Another way you can support us (as well as supporting one of the wealthiest people on the planet *sigh*) is through our Amazon Affiliate shop. When you decide to purchase one of the books you love hearing on our podcast from our affiliate shop, we can accrue a small percentage of sales...and so does the author and/or publisher! You can find our shop here:

This project has been such a beautiful labour of love! Knowing that your children are enjoying the stories (and perhaps, you as a caregiver are enjoying a moment when someone else can take a turn reading to the special little ones in your world) and that there is a chorus, singing "GET COZY" brings me so much joy.

On behalf of Tula Jane and I, THANK YOU!

In deep gratitude,

Trinati aka the Mother in the Wild

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Thank you Trinati and Tula Jane, your project really is wonderful! It's refreshing to not have ads indeed, especially in a podcast geared towards tiny growing brains. As a supporter through a dedication already, I highly encourage others to try it out as well. Your children will love hearing a story read with their name highlighted at the beginning, a great gift for a birthday, or just to say I love you!

Jun 21, 2022
Replying to

Thank YOU! This is a lovely review and a great suggestion. We love recording stories, and they DO make a wonderful gift. For as long as this podcast in on the internet, the dedication can be appreciated!

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