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The Power of Sound

These past two years have been such a time of transition for me. Of course, the entire world has journeyed together during this wild experience that is “the pandemic”…and it was during this time that my young marriage began to end. I took a deep dive inward to truly begin healing and growing, finally doing the hard work to greet and strengthen the best version of myself. I also got serious about pivoting my career. My teenager got serious about teening in this time and our relationship also shifted. It was a challenging time, to say the least. I knew that I had to change from within to embody the life I actually wanted to be living.

So, I decided to learn how to meditate.

I watched YouTube videos, set up an altar (basically a nature table!), lit candles, woke at the crack of dawn…I had no idea what I was doing! But then, during the first lock-down, a teacher of mine began offering Instagram Live practices. I joined in eagerly, hoping to usher in the change I was so desperate to witness within myself and my world. It was then that I began learning to chant. My mind was blown and my heart cracked wide open. Through this ancient practice of repeating specific sounds (mantra), I was easily able to sit for long periods of time (beginning with 11 minutes then moving onto 31…now I can chant a full 108 rounds of mantra)!

There is a such a deep and profound reverence for this experience that occurs for me through these sounds. I lose track of time and find a deep part of myself that I imagine the great seekers have been seeking through this practice. …And guess what started happening?

I found the courage to close down my business and create a new working format. My teenager and I started talking and laughing again (instead of yelling and crying). My husband and I sorted out a much more beautiful way to share our lives as parents and care for one another from a distance. I opened myself up fully to the healing that has been needing to happen since my childhood. And, in turn, I have been helping others with their own healing and personal practices. So, here we are today, 2+ years after my curiosity into meditation began, and I’m ready to help YOU learn how to chant mantra, hopefully better able to discover the you within you.

Beginning in one week, we will meet for 30 minute intervals, beginning at noon (eastern) {9am PST, 5pm in the UK, 6pm for Berlin, 7pm in Greece) on Saturdays and Sundays. For all of the weekends in February I will share with you 3 mantras (1 per weekend + a bonus round on the 26+27th) that I have chanted over 1000 times myself.

These mantras are my go-to’s when I need to set myself up for steadiness and success.

You are welcome to join in for any of the weekends, but if you register for all 3, you will receive free admission to the final, bonus weekend. All sessions will be recorded and delivered to your inbox if you are unable to make the Live practices.

Feel free to RSVP today, by clicking on this link.

I feel so honoured and grateful that I am able to share this work with anyone who feels called to learn.

We are all here just practicing together, right? Let us embrace the mistakes and challenges as a collective, supporting one another as we rise up to the next levels of consciousness and connection.

I hope to greet you through this space and month-long container.

No previous experience is required.

Every body is welcomed.

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