A Mother in the Wild


My name is Trinati, a mother in the wild + I’m thrilled that you’ve landed here.


My entire approach to life, parenting + education revolves around the mind-body connection + fostering a loving relationship to ourselves, our natural world + one another. We work on this in order to develop consciousness, gratitude, gain self-awareness + build empathy to move through the world in an awakened, connected way.


I am passionate about co-creating the version of humanity I wish to see.


I aim to be a lighthouse, helping people + families find their way to peace.


I am here to do a few important things.  

Utilizing ancient yogic breath + movement technologies to enliven, redirect + balance energies within bodies (for people of all ages), I have recently begun offering online + outdoor kundalini-inspired practices for adults, adolescents + children. After reading a quote by His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, who proclaimed that if every 8 year old knew how to meditate we would experience world peace in this lifetime, I embarked on a mission to reach this goal!


I also consult with both parents + educators on how to cultivate our most conscious selves along our incredible journeys in working with children.

Professionally, I received my degrees in Education from Concordia University in 2004, embarked on my M.A in Environmental Education in 2008 + come with over  28 years of teaching experience, with eleven as the owner of three daycares + preschools in Toronto + Montreal, Canada.

I am also a certified yoga instructor + continue to study under my teacher, Kia Miller.

I have also been teaching various forms of dance professionally since I was a teen.

I weave principles of mind/body connection through all that I do.

I am passionate about children (+ all people) finding their own leadership styles. I believe that connecting to nature + one’s own self-awareness are fundamental in achieving that. I empower children, adults + educators to develop empathy, gratitude, consciousness + confidence through collaborative approaches; the end goal: co-creating spaces that support us all in connecting to source energy. 

A few years ago, my youngest + I began reading + recording stories as a hobby, uploading them onto a podcast platform for other families to enjoy, without needing to rely too heavily on a screen.

Since then we've posted 100+ recorded readings + have inspired almost 4 million listens!

The messages I receive from parents, in over 175 countries worldwide, expressing the comfort + ritual that we help their homes experience makes my heart sing. If you're interested, you can listen to us reading on practically any podcast app by searching: Storytime with Tula Jane + her Mother in the Wild.

In 2020, I moved my school to the forest + witnessed the awakening of my students — senses, emotions, learning capacity — under the canopy of the trees. As humans, we become more alive, recharged, healed + connected with the guidance of nature. It is here, in natural + compassionate environments, that the seeds for living with wonder are planted, roots are established + the curious life-long learner begins to bloom.


Moving from the mainstream education system to owning my own early education businesses, Garden Grow Playschool + most recently, Child in the Wild Nature Days, has enabled me to successfully activate my philosophy to childhood development + has also been the space where I have cultivated the creation of my own model to facilitate learning, called Root to Rise. This is the toolkit used in the workshops I offer to guide other educators in how to implement this approach within their own classrooms + curriculum.

The Mother In The Wild platform has been created to make my approach, programs + services accessible to all.

I appreciate you inviting me to be part of your journey!