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A Mother in the Wild

My name is Trinati

I am an energetic mother in the wild + so grateful that you’ve landed here!


My entire approach to life, parenting + education revolves around the mind-body connection + fostering a loving relationship to ourselves, our natural world + one another. Our ability to direct our energy, understand our nervous systems + build empathy to move through the world in an awakened, connected, regulated way is what I teach + how I like to live.


I am intentional about co-creating the version of humanity I wish to see.

I aim to be a lighthouse; guidance for people to find their way to peace.

I purposefully show up in support of children + their caregivers.

I am here to help homes heal.  


Personally, I lead a mostly joyful + disciplined lifestyle. The yoga scriptures are embedded in my work + each day I practice becoming + staying awake, conscious, present...and on the other side of that, having no attachment to the outcome.

We are all here just practicing together.


Professionally, I serve in these 3 main ways:


Currently in operation is Child in the Wild Nature Playschool, a preschool environment for children ages 2.5 - 6, revolving around developing empathy + awareness. We do this by connecting to our breath + our bodies each day, practicing pranyama (ancient yogic breathing techniques) as well as spending as much time outside. Our motto is: Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork, so we aim to greet challenge + find solutions, leave spaces better than we found them + do our best to express loving compassion to ourselves + one another, as a collective. I have been operating these programs in Toronto + Montreal, Canada for over 11 years.

The desire to offer these experiences to connect deeply with the natural world + establish a genuine reverence for the land we occupy as humans led to the founding of Child in the Wild Nature Day Camp. We are currently heading into our 3rd summer of wild exploration + adventure for campers in Montreal Canada, ages 5 - 12.

In these two childcare experiences, I have been honoured to guide new + future educators, revealing techniques + philosophies that many teaching colleges + universities overlook.

Offering this summer day camp has created a waving ripple that touches many + may one day be part of my legacy.



After reading a quote by His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, many years ago, who proclaimed that if every 8 year old knew how to meditate we would experience world peace in this lifetime, I embarked on a mission to reach this goal! 

I design courses called Prana + Play for Kids to share the ways we can experience + understand our energies + emotions. I host these classes online, privately + in groups, in-person at various Montreal studios + continuously within my own childcare programs + daily life with children. I also lead a weekly Wild Wisdom practice for parents + caregivers (or any adult, new or not) each Wednesday evenings online, for those of us staying curious about, or committed to directing our own vital life force energy (prana). Adults can also find intermittent workshops under my events page or on Instagram, revolving around mantra, meditation + pranyama; the yoga that fuels my own personal existence in thriving.


My youngest child, Tula Jane + I embarked on a project in early 2020 to read our favourite books into a microphone for other children to enjoy. We created a podcast, named Storytime with Tula Jane + her Mother in the Wild + are amazed each day to receive letters of kindness + gratitude from families in over 188 countries worldwide, who listen to our readings + find moments of calm + connection within them. I have been told over + over again how much our episodes help families manage busy dinnertimes, bedtimes, long car rides + even challenging emotions or experiences.

It has been my deepest honour to know that we are touching so many people's homes; all of the hearts, ears + brains within them. Listeners from all around the globe can make requests + dedications for loved ones to appreciate.

Recently, we decided to offer a deeper type of engagement with us by providing a premium subscription option to allow us further dedication in producing this. In 3 years it has grown from a simple heartwork hobby to a serious investment of time + energy. In exchange for the support from our subscribers, members receive discounts on Requests + Dedications, personal greetings for their children, guided breathwork, positive affirmations + video/image content.

If you'd like to support us, please feel free to subscribe here!


I also consult with both parents + educators on how to cultivate our most conscious selves while on our personal journeys in working + experiencing life raising kids.

Professionally, I received my degrees in Education from Concordia University in 2004, embarked on my M.A in Environmental Education in 2008 + come with over 28 years of teaching experience.

I am a certified yoga instructor + continue to study under my teacher, Kia Miller.

As a teen + young adult I practiced, performed + taught dance professionally.

It's no wonder that I weave principles of the mind-body connection through all that I do.

The Mother in the Wild platform has been created to make my approach, programs, products + services accessible to all.

I appreciate you inviting me to be part of your journey!

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