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teamwork makes the dream work

meet our change-makers



Founder & CEO

An alumni from Concordia University's Specialization in Early Childhood + Elementary Education, Trinati dreamt up Child in the Wild Nature Day Camp after witnessing the deep transformation of her preschool students when immersed for one full day each week in the limitless classroom of The Forest, on Montreal's Mount Royal. Creating Child in the Wild Nature Summer Day Camp is her way of being able to offer more of these types of enriching (+ even life-changing) experiences for the children sharing this urban jungle. Another passion of hers includes mentoring new + future educators in how to implement this incredible way of learning within the city.

Trinati is dedicated to helping humans become more conscious + self-aware in regulating their nervous systems + being better able to respond to Life.

She does this by connecting them with nature, their own breath + bodies in her Prana + Play Practice program, as well as to the childrens' stories that she reads for families worldwide on her popular podcast:

Storytime with Tula Jane + her Mother in the Wild.

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Assistant Director & Lead Counsellor / educator

Child in the Wild Nature Day Camp / WEEKLY FOREST SCHOOL


Chava is a trans/non-binary early childhood educator who uses the pronouns they/them and iel in French. They are passionate about making environments more accessible to everyone.

Chava is studying to be a forest school practitioner with the Child Nature Alliance of Canada while also learning about Indigenous perspectives in the First People's Studies program at Concordia. They are a lifelong learner who loves being outdoors, playing + creating with whatever they find. 

Chava is so happy to be working with Child in the Wild where, with the children, they get to explore and build on their existing relationship with Tekanontak, or what we call Mount Royal. 

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    administrative director

    None of this would be working as smoothly as it does without Shanice! Though she began her journey with us as a dedicated member of Child in the Wild Nature Playschool + Day Camp, registering her boys for most of Trinati's offerings, she is now a valued teammate. Her expertise + hearty support to help make this dream work possible.

    Outside of her roles with us, Shanice can be found mothering her four children, co-founding businesses + brands, as well as offering her services to many entrepreneurs + companies.

    She is passionate about supporting her community, especially Canadian Black-owned businesses.

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    counsellor & educator

    Child in the Wild Nature Day Camp

    Growing up in the wild Rudy spent their days making fairy homes + speaking with trees, developing reverence for dirt + moss, as well as an unshakable love of the natural world. They have been working with children for 15 years as an educator + nanny. Rudy is currently writing children’s books that uplift the experiences of neurodiverse, queer children; influenced by their background in theatre + the arts, as well as the children they have had the honour of supporting. Forever committed to respecting the intelligence each child comes into this world with, they believe in honouring the sovereignty + brilliance that every human holds innately within them. As a somatic facilitator they want you to know about your innate resilience + power to create change.

    This is their second year working with Child in the Wild Nature Day Camp and they are thrilled to be back !

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