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Real Ease: Letting my Heart Lead

Updated: May 20, 2021

For my entire life I have been told that I came here with special gifts; that I am brave + honest; an intuitive healer; connected to Source.

It has been truly lovely to hear these words for the past 40 years, at least + I've wondered if I have been using those gifts to do my best work.

I recognize that I have been an invaluable support for many families that I've had the honour to serve physically over the years. The various preschools + daycare centres opened + operated, the family consults offered; the babies I've held, the bums I've wiped ...

all of that is incredibly important work.

+ I have felt wonderfully fulfilled. This career has been so rewarding.

But, I have a baby on the way. This one is not being birthed from my womb, though. It's coming from my heart. I've decided to close the physical doors to my preschool in five short weeks, to see if my heart can safely take the wheel + provide me with the life that I can imagine living.

I want, so truly, to extend my reach.

I love humanity so desperately, and I can feel that many humans could use some extra help right now.

So I am birthing "Real [Ease]: Share Circle"

It will be a space for anyone to release the worries swirling within brains; to let them go, in order to be less congested + better able to listen to the heart clearly.

This is such a trip! But, since I have only been traveling inwardly for the last 15 months, getting on this ride feels exciting + my curiosity is peaking! Plus, the last time I gave birth (from my womb) I heard myself telling my midwives how much fun I was having, while my daughter's head wore my vagina as a crown.

So, this particular adventure has the perfect amount of uncertainty for me.

Please check out my heart-baby + let me know how it makes you feel.

Is it something you might need? or perhaps more for someone you love?

And, please become a member to this site that is the birthing room for the baby to enter into. It will help me know that I'm doing a good job so far.

in deep gratitude,

a mother in the wild

Real [Ease]: Share Circle - an offering for you

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